The recipe for a dull front lawn or backyard seems to be a big rectangle of lawn edged with foliage. I’m not sure where that idea came from, but it is not the most unique look. Break up your blanket of green by adding a path, or creating a flower bed or herb garden. Turning the blanket into more of a quilt is a great way to add interest to your front lawn or backyard.

Creating a Flower Bed

Map out how you want your new garden to look. To kill the grass in the area where you want to add a flower bed, cover the area with four to six sheets of newspaper (also great in your compost), then cover it with a layer of steer manure. It will naturally decompose over the winter. The plot is then ready for spring plantings or an herb garden.

Adding a Path

A great way to delineate areas, especially in your backyard, is by adding a path. You can do it inexpensively by using pavers, gravel, or decomposed granite. By adding a path, you may create areas of your backyard much like an outside room. The path can meander by your new flower bed and lead to a barbecue or sitting area.

Front Lawn That Stands Out

Instead of having just another rectangular front lawn, add a path that leads to a bench or swing under a shade tree. Line the path with blue fescue to vary your grasses and add some height to an otherwise flat front lawn. You can still keep your beautiful bermuda or luscious rye, but now you have accented its beauty. Creating spaces in your front lawn helps welcome visitors with a resort feel. Isn’t that a nice thing to come home to?