Just about every pre-schooler and kindergarten student plants some grass in a cup at some point in the school year. Why? Not only do children get to enjoy the process of nurturing a living plant, grass grows fast to provide almost immediate gratification. Why not take this concept and plant grass in containers indoors this winter?

Containing Grass Indoors

You don’t need a container very deep to plant grass. Which means, you don’t need a yard of soil or buckets of water. In fact, you can probably use just a squirt bottle to supply enough moisture on a regular basis. Group different planters with different grasses for shades of green that will brighten up any corner. Short, thick dymondia margaretae, also known as silver carpet, will set off a pot of long, straight Marathon beautifully. You can trim it to keep it looking neat and tidy or let it grow to wispy strands.

The Centerpiece of Your Holidays

You can make an all-natural centerpiece for your holiday table, starting with a small plot of grass. Start with a long rectangular or square container of grass for this tablescape. Add a potted rosemary plant trimmed like a Christmas tree wherever you like it best. Cranberries strung as garland will look great wrapped around the rosemary cone. Nestle some citrus fruits–limes, lemons and oranges in the grass or use them as a border. Stud the oranges with cloves to add another dimension of fragrance. Use your creativity!

Edible Mixtures

If your mind goes toward edible plants you can use all winter, then use wheat grass and plant some herbs to grow with it in a sunny window. Chives grow quite similar to a grass and it’s so convenient to snip some tips to top your baked potato.

Grass can be an easy way to add some green in your home this winter. Get growing and no mowing!