Grass Rooted


Spring fever is here, thanks in large part to unseasonably warm temperatures that have swept most the nation this month for good and for bad. Yes, green stuff is growing—but unfortunately, not everything coming out of the ground is good for your lawn. What are the signs to be looking for? If your tulips, crocuses, and forsythia are blooming, beware. What follows them is crabgrass.

Dreaded crabgrass

[/caption] When nighttime soil temperatures reach over 50 degrees for ... Read the rest of this story

When your lawn and garden plants come leaping back to life in spring, unfortunately, so do their pesky companions, weeds. Spring weeds can be hard to conquer, particularly because if you have young plants or seeds, herbicides can harm them, taking the chemical option off the table. So what’s a spring-weed hater to do? 3 killer weed control alternatives to weed killer Pull, then mulch. Mulching your planting beds is an excellent way to keep spring weeds from ... Read the rest of this story

This week, the Long Beach Lawn Bowling Club opened its green to the public. Consider it a sign that summer is on its way. And it’s not just lawn bowling. Plenty of other sports are hitting lawns across America this time of year. If you, like most of us, plan to use your lawn for more than just a little gentle stroll from time to time, you have to give it some extra care. Here’s how to ... Read the rest of this story


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