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Grass Types

Let’s say you think clover is a weed. In that case, you’d be outraged to find clover mixed in with your grass seed. After all, killing clover can be tricky. But let’s say you’re part of the retro breed that sees clover as a healthy addition to lawn grass. If that’s the case, you can actually buy clover seed to overseed your lawn with. So who is right? Here are what the voices from each camp are ... Read the rest of this story

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture ruled that a new genetically modified grass in development by Scott Miracle Gro is exempt from federal regulation on GMOs. While the news about the regulation is interesting and debatable, I’m having more of a “holy cow” moment just learning about the new grass. Here’s the story. The new genetically modified grass isn’t on the market yet; it’s still in development. But it’s a variety of Kentucky bluegrass modified ... Read the rest of this story

This August, turf professionals from around England are coming together for the Grass Court Seminar, a two-day intensive course from Wimbeldon’s team of groundskeepers. You may not be flying to the U.K. for lawn lessons, but you can still learn a thing or two from Wimbeldon, all without leaving your armchair. Grass types for high traffic areas Here’s on big lesson: if you need grass types that can stand up to heavy traffic, consider perennial ryegrass. Until 2001, ... Read the rest of this story


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