Grass Rooted

Grass Types

The expression “growing like a weed” is not an understatement. Weeds do seem to grow inches overnight, especially with a lot of rain and a wee bit of sunshine. So how do you tackle them before they take over? Protect your bloomers…from weeds First, take some preventive measures in your flowerbeds–that’s easiest. Use a good mulch to place around the plants. The more dense it is, the less you’ll need. Mulch helps keeps moisture in and keeps weeds ... Read the rest of this story

Just about every pre-schooler and kindergarten student plants some grass in a cup at some point in the school year. Why? Not only do children get to enjoy the process of nurturing a living plant, grass grows fast to provide almost immediate gratification. Why not take this concept and plant grass in containers indoors this winter? Containing Grass Indoors You don’t need a container very deep to plant grass. Which means, you don’t need a yard of soil ... Read the rest of this story

St. Augustine grass does well with salty soils and does best in tropical and subtropical climates. St. Augustine is grown in Hawaii, Mexico, Southern California and the southern United States, as well as Australia and parts of Africa. It does not survive in cold weather. St. Augustine as a Lawn For anyone who grew up with St. Augustine as a lawn, the mention of it conjures up memories of really nasty grass cuts and grass stains. It’s a ... Read the rest of this story


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