Grass Rooted

Grass Types

Do you have an area of your yard that slopes and is awkward to mow? Perhaps you have considered planting something there but you don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining it. Do you have a shady area under a tree where your grass never seems to grow? Slopes and shade (and a few other spots) are wonderful places to plant mondo grass. Growing Mondo … Not So Bizarro Mondo grass grows in tufts (clumps) and ... Read the rest of this story

Lawns are more than just the green carpet that leads to your home. Lawns play an important part of our culture. From school playgrounds and parks to neighborhood greenbelts and street medians, municipal lawns add a great deal to our lives and the experiences we have in our communities. What is a Picnic without Some Grass? Every day isn’t a picnic: that’s a given. But hopefully you and your family indulged in at least one picnic this summer. ... Read the rest of this story

A little girl steps off the wooden deck in her backyard onto the cool, green carpet of grass. You can almost feel the delicate grass envelop your own foot as you watch her tiny toes. “Don’t step on it!” her mother shrieks from a chaise lounge on the deck. Just fertilized? A dousing of herbicide? You wonder why the toddler can’t step on that green pasture of a lawn. The answer: it’s dichondra, also spelled “dicondra.” The Beauty of ... Read the rest of this story


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