Grass Rooted

Grass Types

Sometimes you can cut your grass and eat it, too. Wheatgrass: Bottoms Up! Ask someone who grows wheatgrass if you can grow it as a lawn and they’ll laugh. But wouldn’t it be pretty? Wheatgrass grows thick and straight up. It is architecturally very modern looking and looks great grown in a decorative planter, but it doesn’t work as a ground cover. Because of its nutritional value and ability to cleanse the body of pollutants and toxins, it ... Read the rest of this story

A ground cover of more than one color and texture can add dimension to your lawn.  Contrast Marathon II with Silver Carpet, for example. There are so many beautiful ways to use plant material in your landscaping. The variety of green material–as in literally the color green–is tremendous and can be used creatively to build a garden with depth and loads of personality. This starts with the grass. Using more than one grass ... Read the rest of this story

In the pursuit of conserving water it really comes down to a question of cost or conscience. What is it for you? Cost: Reading Your Water Bill Your water bill likely reflects units of water that you use each billing period using the term CCF. Using Roman numeral C for 100, CCF stands for one hundred cubic feet of water. One CCF is 748 gallons. Picture 748 plastic one gallon jugs. That’s a lot of water! You probably ... Read the rest of this story


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