Grass Rooted

Grass Types

This morning while walking the dog in a light sprinkle, my husband slipped on a muddy sidewalk. He’s okay–just a little dirty–but it made me think of ways to keep the soil where it belongs. Winter rye! Yes, winter rye is the grass that helps avoid soil erosion the best. Too Late to Plant? If you live in a colder area of the country, you might be thinking it’s too late to plant winter rye right now. ... Read the rest of this story

Last time, I wrote about the concept of creating a lawn that uses a lower amount of water than traditional grasses as part of xeriscaping your yard. If you like the idea, consider using native grasses that grow easily in your area with little need for irrigation, fertilization, or any chemical treatments. Native grasses are not interchangeable. The native grass you’ll choose if you live in a Nantucket cottage versus a ranch home in the Colorado mountains ... Read the rest of this story

Isn’t a freshly mowed, lush green lawn a little bit magical? Maybe it’s just me. I live in the desert Southwest, where large expanses of grass are hard to come by outside of golf courses and carefully manicured city parks. Before migrating to the desert, I grew up in Minnesota where the rich black soil nurtures grass so soft and beautiful we’d spend our summer days rolling in it and thinking up any excuse to stay barefoot. ... Read the rest of this story


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