Grass Rooted

Grass Types

Bermuda grass, your days are numbered. Within a matter of weeks the overambitious lawn/weed we love to hate here in the desert Southwest–and I’m sure other warm weather states feel the same–will turn from green to light brown and go dormant for the winter. Last week I wrote about the common practice locally of overseeding lawns during the winter months. I know very few people who prefer the look of a brown dormant bermuda lawn to the ... Read the rest of this story

Across large sections of the United States, fall has turned cold very quickly this year. Large green expanses of lawn have already been covered with snow at least once, and lawn cutting and trimming activities are officially over for another year. Here in the warm winter states, it’s a whole different world. When I first moved to Arizona and was introduced to the concept of overseeding a lawn–adding new seed over an established lawn–I’ll admit to being flabbergasted. ... Read the rest of this story

Fall brings changing colors and textures to our lawns, but it’s also a wistful time as we prepare to say goodbye to annuals and other plants that disappear with the onset of cold weather. One such plant in my zone 5-6 backyard is red fountaingrass. Its pale plumes waving above its red, bronze and green tinted arching blades resemble a friendly greeting. Ornamental grasses are hardy, and provide texture and colorful variety in your landscaping. ... Read the rest of this story


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