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Organic just may be the buzz word of the 21st century. You can buy practically anything organic: hand soap, blue jeans, 500-thread-count sheets. But when it comes to caring for your lawn, using organic methods is about as old school as you can get: It’s what people did before they could buy chemical fertilizers, and there are plenty of good reasons to go the old-fashioned natural route. Personally, I like to keep my lawn free of anything ... Read the rest of this story

My yard looks good—I’m not going to lie. But that’s why I’m writing the lawn blog, and you’re reading it. My neighbors, on the other hand, well, let’s just say they don’t put as much effort into their exterior living spaces. Part of the reason, I think, is they don’t know how to fix up the lawns they inherited when they bought their 1960s-era homes in my neighborhood, which has slowly changed from elderly inhabitants to ... Read the rest of this story

Spring fever is here, thanks in large part to unseasonably warm temperatures that have swept most the nation this month for good and for bad. Yes, green stuff is growing—but unfortunately, not everything coming out of the ground is good for your lawn. What are the signs to be looking for? If your tulips, crocuses, and forsythia are blooming, beware. What follows them is crabgrass.

Dreaded crabgrass

[/caption] When nighttime soil temperatures reach over 50 degrees for ... Read the rest of this story


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