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Lawn Care

You already have a long list of lawn and garden chores to accomplish this fall–why would you want to make it any longer? I’ll tell you why: because these little add-ons don’t take that much more time or thought, yet they can actually have a very large impact. Just a couple of easy extras, and your lawn will feel like it’s gotten the royal treatment: Rake a little more. After you’ve raked up all those leaves, switch ... Read the rest of this story

Every new season brings challenges and opportunities for your lawn. Maybe you knew that fall was a great time for planting grass, but did you know that fall also presents great opportunities for fighting weeds? Try these three strategies in the coming weeks, and you’ll cut back on the weeds in your lawn now and next spring. Fertilize. For lawns in four-season climates, the cooler temperatures of fall put your grass into growth mode. If you give ... Read the rest of this story

There’s no doubt about it: you can work up a sweat doing yard work. But is it enough to actually keep you in shape? Take a look at these calorie counts* and see what you think. Shoveling snow. The biggest yard work calorie burner is still a few months away. For a person who weights 155 pounds, an hour of shoveling snow burns 422 calories. That’s the same number of calories you’d burn in an hour of ... Read the rest of this story


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