Grass Rooted

Lawn Care

Welcome to Grass Rooted! As summer progresses, I’ll be sharing plenty of information about topics including lawn care, grass types, and last but not least, weed and pest control. We’ll also cover “green” lawn care. Please feel free to submit suggestions, ask questions, and recommend topics. All About Lawns is a lawn care community, and I welcome your participation. Now a bit about me, Lucie Green. Some of you may know me from the All About Lawns ... Read the rest of this story

Along with blooming forsythia and bulbs and that first robin come a host of lawn care chores. My top priority is weed control. Our front and back yards are plagued by a nasty weed called common mallow which will take over my entire lawn and gardens without (and sometimes in spite of) liberal use of broadleaf herbicides. Common mallow spreads like wildfire and its worst feature is its taproot, which grows very deep and makes the ... Read the rest of this story


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