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Earlier this week, a couple in Southern California got a surprise. Their trip to the delivery room didn’t get very far, and their new daughter Abigail was born right there on the front lawn. Surprise! Thankfully, most of us don’t need our lawns to be pristine enough for delivery, but for anyone with kids or pets, some extra precaution is in order, particularly when it comes to lawn care chemicals. Here are three ways to keep ... Read the rest of this story

Let’s just be blunt: your dog’s pee is killing your grass. Okay, that might be too harsh. Dog urine is not a death sentence for your lawn, but it sure can cause some damage. The problem is nitrogen. Dog urine is packed with it, and an overload of nitrogen burns your lawn. It’s the exact same thing that happens when you over-fertilize. Too much nitrogen = fried lawn. Those tell-tale yellow or brown spots throughout your ... Read the rest of this story

This week, the Twin Cities’ StarTribune reported on the mysterious decline of trees around Minnesota. Except the decline wasn’t actually so mysterious: local lawn care companies had treated homeowners lawns with a weed killer called Imprelis. Unfortunately, turns out, Imprelis wreaks havoc on trees, particularly conifers. How the herbicide made it on to the market without a warning about the tree problem remains a real mystery. Meanwhile, a class-action lawsuit regarding the matter was filed on Monday. So ... Read the rest of this story


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