Grass Rooted


Organic just may be the buzz word of the 21st century. You can buy practically anything organic: hand soap, blue jeans, 500-thread-count sheets. But when it comes to caring for your lawn, using organic methods is about as old school as you can get: It’s what people did before they could buy chemical fertilizers, and there are plenty of good reasons to go the old-fashioned natural route. Personally, I like to keep my lawn free of anything ... Read the rest of this story

Mowing the lawn seems like a no-brainer: Turn the thing on and push it around until all the grass is cut and call it done. But mowing actually should involve a bit more thought and intention—if you want a healthy, good-looking lawn. Last week, I wrote about the importance of servicing your mower and sharpening its blade to help ensure a healthy cut. Beyond that, once you’re out actually mowing the lawn, here are five important ... Read the rest of this story

It’s still March but your lawn is already green and growing like it’s a plant straight out of the Little Shop of Horrors? You’re not the only one with a seemingly out-of-control lawn, which is why lawn mower repair shops are already slammed—and we’re likely still weeks from a final frost. Jody Tyson, owner of Tyson’s Lawnmower Repair and Service near York, Pa., told his local newspaper, the York Dispatch, that he’s already been servicing four ... Read the rest of this story


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