Grass Rooted


Video game developer Zordix AB is out with a new video game, “1950s Lawn Mower Kids.” In the game, your character mows lawns (with increasingly challenging obstacles as the game progresses) in order to earn pocket money. How fun the game is is a matter of personal opinion, but if you’re a parent, it might have you thinking about your own teenager. Why not encourage him or her to start a lawn mowing business? If a ... Read the rest of this story

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of a baseball field. The deep green grass with those amazing stripes, the red dirt of the infield, and the pristine white baselines–for a lover of lawns, the field alone is worth the price of admission. So, let’s say you want to get that ball field look at home. A lush, healthy lawn is the first step, but then you need to get familiar with how to mow in stripes. ... Read the rest of this story

Maybe you hate the deafening roar of gas-powered lawn mowers. Maybe you are looking for a cheaper or more environmentally-friendly lawn mower than your current gas hog. Whatever your reason for considering alternatives, from reel mowers to sheep and scythes, here’s the low down on manual lawn mowing. Scythes. When the Grim Reaper isn’t gathering souls, his scythe is actually a useful, age-old tool for cutting grass. Author Marcel Theroux recently adopted a scythe for cutting ... Read the rest of this story


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