Are you bothered by discarded Christmas trees lying on the curb in January but not keen on the idea of a fake tree in your living room? There is now a solution. Rent a tree! Scott “Scotty Claus” Martin, a landscape architect, founded the Los Angeles-based Living Christmas Co. in 2008. There’s sure to be a copycat in your area offering the same rent-a-tree service.

Martin delivers a live potted Christmas tree to those willing to shill out $25 to $125 for a month of pine fragrance. Delivery is another $30-$60. After the holiday is over, he picks it up and takes it back to the nursery. If you became inexplicably attached to that particular tree, you can literally adopt the tree so you get the same one next year.

Because it has not been chopped down, it’s still living and doesn’t lose its needles. Clean-up is simply taking off your decorations and calling for pick-up.

The Pride of Ownership

If you like to own instead of rent, you can surely buy a potted tree and keep it outdoors after yuletide. Consider your success rate at keeping plants alive before you take on the responsibility of maintaining the family Christmas tree. Pine trees can grow a great deal in one year. By renting, you can always order the size you need.

Evergreen: the Old-Fashion Way

If this service is not offered where you live and you don’t want to keep a pine or a fir growing all year, you can still practice responsible gardening. You can use your Christmas tree for mulch. Call a tree service that has a wood chipper. They can mulch your Christmas tree and you can use it in your garden.