When it comes to bringing in professional help for your yard, you have choices from total DIY to bringing in a crew of professionals to fully manage your landscaping. What is the right choice for you and your yard? Ask yourself these four questions, and you’ll get a good sense of where you shake out on the professional lawn care front.

  1. How well established is your yard? A lot of the heavy lifting in a yard comes up front. Seeding or sodding a new lawn, renovating your soil, installing hardscaping–all of that takes serious muscle and time. If you have a new yard, give the idea of hiring professional lawn care or landscaping help a little extra consideration.
  2. What are your travel plans? While you’re out of town, your lawn won’t mow itself. If you plan to be away, some basic mowing, watering, and weeding help will keep your yard from going native before you get back.
  3. How’s your fitness? Yard work is hard work. Don’t pretend your knees or your back or whatever it is that ails you can handle it if it can’t. Some tasks, like pushing a lawn mower, may be fine. Other tasks, like weeding your flower beds, may not be. You can hire targeted help.
  4. What’s your budget? The good news is that professional lawn care and landscaping help doesn’t have to be expensive. A weekly lawn mowing visit from the teenager up the street can be a real life saver without breaking the bank. Before you rule out hiring help because of cost, call around and get some quotes. You may be surprised by how affordable professional help can be.

Don’t let lawn maintenance be an all-or-nothing proposition. Even a little help with the yardwork can save your lawn, your back and your sanity.