Digging up your lawn and starting over sounds like a pain. And it is. But sometimes total lawn renovation is also the right choice. Thankfully, most of the time there are plenty of other options, but if you are facing either of the problems below, full-scale lawn renovation may be the quickest way to a happy ending.

When to do a total lawn renovation

  1. Your lawn is more than half weeds. Trying to fight a massive weed invasion and nourish a lawn at the same time is tough, since things that hurt weeds can hurt lawns, and things that help lawns can help weeds. That is particularly true if you’re fighting weed grasses. If you are past the weed tipping point, getting rid of both the struggling lawn and the triumphant weeds and starting from scratch may actually end up being easier.
  2. Your soil is beyond life support. There is a lot you can do to fix soil, even when it has a lawn on top of it. You can aerate to fight compaction; you can spray with compost tea to add life and nutrients. But sometimes, that’s not enough. For instance, the National Mall has a soil compaction problem so serious that its turf team recently decided to bring in all new soil. If your soil texture is too sandy or to heavy with clay to grow a decent lawn or if your yard is as popular as the National Mall, ripping up the lawn and fixing your soil will pay off in the long run.

Total lawn renovation can be daunting, but it can repay you with a lovely lawn and a lot less headache going forward. Sometimes, there’s nothing like a fresh start.