A ground cover of more than one color and texture can add dimension to your lawn.  Contrast Marathon II with Silver Carpet, for example.
There are so many beautiful ways to use plant material in your landscaping. The variety of green material–as in literally the color green–is tremendous and can be used creatively to build a garden with depth and loads of personality. This starts with the grass.

Using more than one grass as groundcover creates an interesting starting point. Shown in this photo is a combination of Marathon II and dymondia margaretae, also known as silver carpet.

Marathon II is a basic but great looking grass–nothing exotic but reliable and a beautiful deep green. The Dymondia Margaretae (silver carpet) that this homeowner uses right next to the Marathon II in their modern, angular-shaped flower beds is a light green and silver, dense groundcover. Silver Carpet only grows about an inch tall. It is a member of the aster family and has a small yellow flower that blooms in summer. The daisy-like bloom is merely a half inch across.

Shades of Grass Add Depth and Interest

Use a barrier to control groundcover spread.

Use a barrier to control groundcover spread.

Hailing from South Africa, it can take full sun and medium to low water. Silver Carpet is a hardy groundcover that is used often in xeriscapes and does really well between pavers. It takes light traffic pretty well. When you step on it, you notice a sponginess to the thick mat that it develops. The leaf breaks a bit like a succulent–thick, not thin like a blade of Marathon II.

As a groundcover, Silver Carpet spreads slowly, but it does spread. Notice this homeowner used a barrier between the two grass types. Because it is dense, it chokes out most weeds and works well to keep a flowerbed like this one look well-manicured all the time.

You can buy it in flats or in 4″ pots at your local nursery. Have fun mixing the greens to make your grass a focal point of its own.