Welcome to Grass Rooted! As summer progresses, I’ll be sharing plenty of information about topics including lawn care, grass types, and last but not least, weed and pest control. We’ll also cover “green” lawn care. Please feel free to submit suggestions, ask questions, and recommend topics. All About Lawns is a lawn care community, and I welcome your participation.

Now a bit about me, Lucie Green. Some of you may know me from the All About Lawns forums. I’ve spent much of my life in Southern California, but currently live in Northern Nevada’s high desert in zone 5. We have climate extremes here that challenge the most accomplished lawn care experts. (Did I mention that beneath a thin layer of topsoil, my backyard is solid rock?) My front and back lawns total about 3/4 acre, and we’re at close to 5000 feet altitude, so conifers and other evergreens are an important part of our landscaping. Awakening my drip lines from winter hibernation is this weekend’s (or next weekend’s) project.

When not outdoors, I work as a freelance writer. In addition to my human family, I share my home with a flock of small birds, a betta fish, and three dogs. I’m looking forward to making Grass Rooted a great resource for lawn care enthusiasts. Here’s to healthy lawns and a happy summer!