These days backyards are being called outdoor rooms all the time. If the patio is the dining room and the barbeque bar is the kitchen, then the lawn is the family room.

Thinking of it that way, your lawn is essentially your outdoor room’s carpet. How does it look?

  1. Is it bare in spots?
  2. Is it stained by the dog or the backyard swing set?
  3. Has the color of the grass changed?

These are common problems for backyards and family room carpet. When you have company, the problems seem to scream at you. Unlike the family room, you can’t mask your backyard grass problems with a throw rug at the last minute. Though keeping your lawn nice is a process that needs time, here are some remedies that might get your lawn looking great in a snap.

Bare spots

Seeding is going to take awhile, but you can lay down a small piece of grass sod to take root and fill in. Remove any dead grass or debris in the bare area and add some new soil before you put the patch of sod down.

Stained grass

You can do the same thing in Rover’s favorite spot, but it will likely still be his favorite spot after the guests go home. The best way to neutralize the high-nitrogen content from pet urine that burns your grass is by watering those areas thoroughly.

Fading grass

Applying fertilizer regularly will help keep your grass full of nutrients and keep it the nice, lush green color that it had when you first planted it.

It’s best to just keep your lawn in tip-top shape rather than cram when company comes over. You just can’t rush perfection!