Organic gardening is hot, and that trend has moved into the mainstream world of consumer lawn care. Whatever you call it–organic, drug-free, pesticide-free, chemical-free–the idea is to maintain a healthy lawn without using chemical fertilizers or other substances.

As I started digging into organic lawn care (pun intended, sorry), I kept coming across a recurring analogy that goes something like this: using chemical fertilizers to feed your lawn compares to eating fast food every day. It’s convenient but not healthy in the long run.

This broke down a bit when I realized that continually chemically fertilized lawns sure look green and healthy and I’m not sure that anyone who eats fast food continues to look healthy for long. They probably do look a little green, though.

In any case, many homeowners looking to encourage a more natural environment in their yards are choosing an organic approach to their lawns. How do you get started? Simply stop using chemicals. Easy enough, right? Well, getting started might be that easy, but maintaining a lawn organically will require more information and attention as you move forward.

3 Great Organic Lawn Care Resources on the Web

1. Organic Lawn Care Tips
In addition to good background information on the why of organic lawns, Organic Lawn Care Tips provides in-depth details about compost, soil nutrient balancing, mulching, plant selection, and grasscycling. If nothing else, visit their site to find out what “grasscycling” is… you know you want to.

2. Organic Lawn Care for the Cheap and Lazy
I love this resource for the name alone (let’s just say I can relate), but offers essential mowing and watering tips, organic strategies for getting rid of weeds, and various informative facts and resources all wrapped up in a hilarious and often acerbic wit.

3. GardenWeb Organic Forums
One of the best things about gardeners and landscaping enthusiasts is their willingness to share successes, failures, opinions, and new experiences. The forums at GardenWeb can be an excellent resource for picking up real-life information and–even better–for requesting advice when you’re confused aren’t going so well. Check out the Organic Lawn Care and Organic Gardening forums, especially the FAQ, which specifically address organic lawn issues.