Spiders: eight legs, two body parts, six eyes. If just reading the words to introduce this topic is giving you the willies, then you probably have arachnophobia, maybe just a mild case. Spiders are around all year long, all over the world. Funny thing is, they seem to be most noticeable right around Halloween. The reason is the weather.

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures in most of the country start to drop, spiders hide less. You notice their webs, that with the help of an autumn breeze, can stretch across many limbs of trees. For the most part, spiders are more of a help than a hindrance.

Spider’s Work

Spiders work to keep the insect world under control. They capture and prey on many of the most annoying little bugs, like gnats, ants, flies, and moths, and they also feast on grasshoppers, crickets, wasps, mosquitoes, butterflies, cockroaches, beetles, cicadas and scorpions. Speaking of scorpions, they are arachnids also and so are ticks and mites.

Many of the more than 30,000 species of spiders spin webs, but some just crawl around to find their prey or jump at it.

Amazing World of Spiders

Spiders truly are amazing creatures when you stop to think about it. They can make thread from their bodies and are uniquely created to not get caught in their own webs. They have oil on their legs that prevents that. That’s extraordinary when you think that some of us have problems with Saran Wrap!

If you notice a few more spiders in your garden this Halloween, don’t let them scare you. Be glad that at least one crawling thing in your garden isn’t eating your plants.