Trying to find the perfect new lawn mower for your perfect lawn? Last time, I highlighted four important lawn mower features to consider before making your purchase. But wait, there’s more!

You’ll spend at least $200 (and up, up, up) for most lawn mowers this year, so it’s worth doing some research and avoiding a completely impulsive decision based on how cool the mower looks. Here are four more features to keep in mind as you’re choosing a new lawn mower:

1. Bagging Placement: Whether your lawn mower’s bag is on the side or to the rear can have a big impact on how comfortable it is to push. A side-mounted bag will often tilt the mower–and you!–to one side, while a rear-mounted bag remains stable and consistently balanced.

2. Green Rating: If you’re buying a gas lawn mower, look for models that meet California’s strict new standards, and you’ll ensure the mower operates as green-friendly as the market allows. Specifically, check out lawn lowers with labels such as “50-state compliant,” “CARB-certified,” or “CA certified.”

3. Blade Brake Option: You’ve got to focus on safety while mowing, and current regulations mandate that a power mower’s blade stops immediately when the handle is released. Most lawn mowers meet this standard by cutting the engine completely. A blade brake option stops the blade, but conveniently keeps the engine running.

4. Future Repairs: Who wants to think about possible repairs while you’re still shopping? It’s not fun, but it’s smart. Inevitably, your gas or electric lawn mower could require a repair, so think carefully before purchasing a mower online. Shipping an electric mower back will cost a ton, and you won’t be able to ship a gas lawn mower at all after you’ve added gas. If you do shop online, make sure you can bring the mower to a local shop for any repairs.

Thinking through what you want–and don’t want–in a lawn mower will help you make a great investment. Do your research, and your lawn and your bank account will thank you for it!