An important element to your well-manicured lawn comes from the edging. There is a difference between edging and trimming.

Edging is not something you can do with a weedeater. You really need a vertical cut line to delineate from your lawn to the sidewalk, patio, or pathway. This clean line accentuates your beautiful lawn unlike any other maintenance item. It cleans up any grass or other groundcover that creeps out of control and appears unruly. Edging cuts down on weed growth at the perimeter of your yard making your lawn healthier. It neatly outlines your landscape from your hardscape as a precise finishing touch.

Edgy Tools to Use

Obviously you can buy an edger. They run around $100 and come in both electric and gas-powered with various levels of power. If you are just using an edger occasionally, you can get away with a basic model, even a manual rotary edger for about $30 at Home Depot. That’s plenty if you only have a small area to edge, but expect to exert some elbow grease. Other options include buying a trimmer that can be used on end to cut vertically and you can even buy an attachment to your lawnmower that edges, also running about $100.

Just a Little Off the Top

Know when to say when. Be careful using your edging tools so you do not cut into the lawn itself. Be careful around any sprinkler heads and be kind to your hardscape. Scuffed up edges on your patio will detract from the pristine look you are trying to achieve.

All in all, gardening should be an enjoyable task. Punctuate your rewards with a nice, clean outline only achieved by edging.