Do you have an area of your yard that slopes and is awkward to mow? Perhaps you have considered planting something there but you don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining it. Do you have a shady area under a tree where your grass never seems to grow? Slopes and shade (and a few other spots) are wonderful places to plant mondo grass.

Growing Mondo … Not So Bizarro

Mondo grass grows in tufts (clumps) and has dark green, thin, long leaves. Some mondo variations have a very dark leaf. They are called “black” and are truly close to black. They can get to a height of 8 to16 inches.

Often confused with liriopes, both mondo and liriopes are part of the lily family and are not grasses at all. Mondo grass has a more narrow leaf. Mondo grass comes from Asia and grows best in filtered sunlight or shade.

It’s easy to transplant to spread it. Just separate a sprig, root and all, from a tuft and plant it. It will be able to take root and spread. Some see this as the downfall of mondo grass, it can be a little invasive, moving into areas regardless if you want it there.

Mondo Beneficial

Mondo grass is one of those great ground covers that is drought tolerant–if you need it to be. It prefers moist soil, but if you hold back on watering, it can still thrive.

That it grows in shade makes it a great choice for problem areas where not enough sun makes it through. It grows year round and you should check the leaves occasionally to look for fungus. If you do see affected areas, simply cut them out and discard them.

If you don’t have a green thumb, this grass is mondo perfect for you!