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We have ground squirrels, marmots, gophers, and chipmunks, among others. Whether to wage war, or get used to the varmints, that is the question. Trying to control rodent damage in my lawn and gardens is tricky; I don’t want to risk harming backyard birds and other welcome critters, but I know what will happen if I don’t repel the brigade of varmints above and below ground. My dogs are pretty good at pest control, but they “dig to ... Read the rest of this story

Biodiversity plays an important role in lawn care and gardening. Although a perfect carpet of uniform green grass may be appealing, a mixture of grasses can strengthen your lawn against pests and disease. In southern California during the 1960s, dichondra lawns were all the rage. Dichondra (Dichondra repens) is not actually grass, but a warm season ground cover that was originally considered a weed. Dichondra’s round leaves provide a springy, “cushy” feel underfoot; there’s nothing like going ... Read the rest of this story

Welcome to Grass Rooted! As summer progresses, I’ll be sharing plenty of information about topics including lawn care, grass types, and last but not least, weed and pest control. We’ll also cover “green” lawn care. Please feel free to submit suggestions, ask questions, and recommend topics. All About Lawns is a lawn care community, and I welcome your participation. Now a bit about me, Lucie Green. Some of you may know me from the All About Lawns ... Read the rest of this story

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