Lawns are more than just the green carpet that leads to your home. Lawns play an important part of our culture. From school playgrounds and parks to neighborhood greenbelts and street medians, municipal lawns add a great deal to our lives and the experiences we have in our communities.

What is a Picnic without Some Grass?

Every day isn’t a picnic: that’s a given. But hopefully you and your family indulged in at least one picnic this summer. Perhaps it was not a traditional “fried chicken in a basket” picnic, maybe it was a bottle of wine and a wedge of brie with your favorite friend at a concert in the park. What would that experience have been without beautiful rolling grass? Maybe for you it was sans-grass and you noted that a lawn would have made it better.

Run Like the Wind!

Parks and playgrounds are wonderful places for children (and adults) to run and play. Whether soccer is your game or you just want to go fly a kite, a green grass lawn makes the experience so much more natural than Astroturf or concrete could ever do. Running, rolling, and getting grass stains are experiences that everyone should have with a healthy lawn.

Value of Greenbelts

Greenbelts in communities are sort of an ideal urban planning element. They secure open spaces for a community, reduce carbon dioxide in the environment and bring life to areas that could appear very industrial and almost desolate. How lush is a beach when it has a greenbelt? It shows someone cares, and adds a sense of cleanliness to any area.

Next time you notice a gorgeous lawn in your community, thank your councilman and appreciate your tax dollars put toward your enjoyment of your beautiful community.