If you live in a four-season climate, fall is a great time to apply lawn fertilizer. Why? Let’s count the ways.

  1. Green for the fall. A fall lawn fertilizer application will keep your grass green for months to come. Want a green lawn for you family’s Thanksgiving football game? Put down some fertilizer now, and start looking forward to some good green grass stains.
  2. Stores for the winter. Giving your lawn an extra dose of nutrients now will give it nutrient stores that will help it come back stronger and earlier in the spring.
  3. Skip the summer fertilizer woes. As the University of Minnesota Extension points out, applying lawn fertilizer in the heat of summer can damage your lawn, both in terms of nitrogen burn and in terms of aiding and abetting lawn diseases. When the temperature cools, fertilizer becomes a much safer prospect.

To make the most of your fall fertilizing (or really fertilizing anytime), there are a few simple things you can do before fertilzing. The first is to test your soil. Send a few soil samples off to your local extension services (often located at the nearest land grant university) and they’ll let you know just what your soil needs. You can buy your fertilizer accordingly. The next is to dethatch. Removing thatch will ensure that the nutrients you’re applying actually make it to the soil where your lawn’s roots can absorb them.

Just remember, “fall is for fertilizer,” and you’ll be greener all year.