In a recent TV commercial for a product called “Patch Perfect,” the ad describes the product as “grass seed in a cocoon of mulch.” It is prodded as the answer to re-seeding brown spots or hard to grow areas of your yard–like shaded areas. They show the grass seed growing anywhere once you add water–even on cinderblocks.

This is not an endorsement of the product, but the packaging is genius. It’s a bag with holes on the bottom. Wow! So simple it’s brilliant and you can make one yourself.

Constant Re-Seeding

Like most people interested in a green lawn, you probably always have at least a three pound bag of grass seed in your gardening shed. You take a handful of grass seed out at a time and sprinkle it in areas that look a bit thin. You might even have one of those contraptions that releases seed as you turn the handle to disperse it evenly. A shaker bag, however, makes it even easier.

Make Your Own Grass Seed Shaker Bag:

Take a small bag of grass seed, lay the bag on the grass and with a small garden fork hit the bottom of the bag a few times to poke some holes. Just a few will do the trick–grass seed is small and a garden fork’s tines are big. If you have a large bag of seed that you can’t really drag around like a salt shaker, then just poke holes in a Ziploc bag and load with grass seed. Store the shaker bag bottom up or place in a pail to catch the seed that might trickle out.

Don’t worry about re-seeding, just shake, shake, shake!