The expression “growing like a weed” is not an understatement. Weeds do seem to grow inches overnight, especially with a lot of rain and a wee bit of sunshine. So how do you tackle them before they take over?

Protect your bloomers…from weeds

First, take some preventive measures in your flowerbeds–that’s easiest. Use a good mulch to place around the plants. The more dense it is, the less you’ll need. Mulch helps keeps moisture in and keeps weeds from sprouting up. If you have trees nearby, ask your gardener to quit blowing the leaves out of your flowerbeds. The leaves will act as a weed barrier and give your soil some much needed nutrients. If you see the weeds start to emerge, pull them out as soon as you can. You don’t want to let them go to seed and spread all over your yard.

A pain in the grass

Crabgrass, dandelions, clover and spurge are common invaders in grass. If you have identified what weeds are growing in your yard, you might have also discovered that over-watering could be the biggest culprit in their growth. If it’s raining, you can’t do much about that. Mowing will help mitigate any weeds that go to seed, but weeds that grow from vegetation will grow regardless. You can use a weed and feed product or other herbicide if you’d like or you can go au natural and start digging them up.

Of course, if you carefully prepared your soil before planting your yard and garden, weeds won’t be a problem. Well, maybe not a big problem. Mitigate those tenacious native plants by spending some time every sunny day pulling weeds–even if it’s just ten minutes a day.