In the pursuit of conserving water it really comes down to a question of cost or conscience. What is it for you?

Cost: Reading Your Water Bill

Your water bill likely reflects units of water that you use each billing period using the term CCF. Using Roman numeral C for 100, CCF stands for one hundred cubic feet of water. One CCF is 748 gallons. Picture 748 plastic one gallon jugs. That’s a lot of water! You probably pay just a few dollars for each CCF. This means you pay a mere fraction of a penny for each gallon of water that comes from your tap. Compare that to the small bottle of water you just bought for a dollar at your child’s soccer game.

An average family uses about 14 CCFs per 30-day billing cycle. Most water purveyors have a tiered system and charge different rates based on the number of CCFs consumed. Even with threats of increasing water rates 22%, it’s not that much per gallon.

Conscience: The Green Mindset

Today’s “green” movement reminds one to take just what you need. According to the Long Beach Water Department in Long Beach, California, half of the water consumed in a household is used outside. That is a startling amount of water. Even if it costs you just $2 or $3 to water your yard in a week, that is 748 gallons of water or more. Picture those plastic gallon containers sprinkled on your lawn.

Stop, Drop and Roll

You can do a few things to easily curb your water consumption. Stop watering every day or during the hottest time of day. Drop the right grass seed on your lawn that is right for your climate. And roll out the barrel–the rain barrel that is! Finally, let your grass grow a little longer so it really establishes its roots and uses water efficiently.