A mulching lawn mower can provide multiple benefits for you and your lawn:

photo credit: www.s.ngm.com

photo credit: www.s.ngm.com

Free food: Well, at least for your lawn. Mulching mowers chop and redistribute grass clippings in a way that prevents clumping and facilitates fast absorption into your lawn. This provides a quick burst of nutrients for your lawn.

Eliminate “bagging and dragging”: Streamline your lawn care routine with a mulching mower. You can mow and feed your lawn simultaneously and won’t have to bag clippings and drag the bags to the curb on trash collection day.
Reduce waste: Recycling your lawn clippings saves time and the environment; there’s less waste for the land fills, and free food for your lawn–you can’t beat that!

Choosing Your Mulching Lawn Mower

You can select from gas powered, electric, and reel mulching mowers. Check out several models of each type, and buy one that meets your needs:

Lawn size: Reel mowers and corded electric models work well for smaller lawns, but cordless electric and gas powered models are better suited to larger lawns.

Price range: Mulching lawn mowers range from simple to more complex and powerful “bells and whistles” models. Don’t buy more or less mower than you need; a good lawn mower can last for many years if it’s suited to the job and well cared for.

Using Your Lawn Mower as a Mulching Mower
There’s no need to replace a good lawn mower with a mulching mower. If you have a rear-dicharge mower, simply remove the bag and cover the discharge chute. Many models have an automatic cover. Lawn clipping are held under the deck and can be redistributed on the lawn. Your side-discharge mower can function as a mulching mower; just mow in a pattern that distributes the clippings evenly across your lawn. Keeping your lawn mower blades sharp promotes the best mowing and mulching results.