Every season means new things for your lawn. With the arrival of fall temperatures, lawns in most parts of the country perk up after struggling through the heat of summer. Enjoy the green! At the same time, fall lawns need slightly different maintenance than spring or summer lawns. Here’s what you can do to keep your lawn lush this fall and beyond.

  1. Mowing. Your lawn will keep growing through the first frosts of the season, so don’t put that mower away yet. Fall lawns just grow a little more slowly, so you can ease off on the mowing frequency.
  2. Watering. In many parts of the country, fall brings a little more moisture. You should cut back on your watering accordingly, or you’ll risk overwatering your lawn.
  3. Dethatching. Fall is a good time for dethatching cool season lawns. If you have more than 1/2 an inch of thatch, follow these directions for dethatching. (Though spring can be even better, so if you find yourself procrastinating, this is one job you can put off).
  4. Weed control. Now is the time to fight dandelions. Spray them with weed killer now, and they’ll take it down to their roots when they go dormant for the winter.
  5. Fertilizing. As fall temperatures drop, cool season lawns like Kentucky Bluegrass actually kick into high gear. (The heat of summer stresses them out.) If you give your lawn a fertilizer application now, it’ll keep going strong for the fall months ahead and go to bed for the winter ready for a healthy spring return.

Now get out there and enjoy those pleasant fall temperatures!