In the last month I have found wasps building nests in two different places–places that I was not expecting.

We left a cooler out on the patio for about a week after using it for a party. I was open an inch or so to let out any moisture that might have remained after we dumped the melted ice. When I finally went to put it away, I flipped the lid open to make sure it was clean. To my surprise and a bad case of the willies, there was a small nest covered with three or four big wasps.

My husband sprayed it with wasp killer spray from 10 feet away and removed the nest.

Last week, when I went to get out my bag of grass seed and turn it into a shaker bag, I found two more nests inside the door to the tool shed. Again with the shivers–but this time brave enough to do it myself–I got the can of wasp killer and sprayed them dead. There are non-toxic ways to remove them too–they just were not within reach.

Wasps don’t really go away; they just sort of move around your property and build in areas where no one is looking. So be careful! Other places they are likely to hide include:

  • inside garbage cans, especially garbage can lids
  • under eaves
  • on patio covers
  • inside outdoor cabinets
  • inside water heater enclosures
  • in chimneys

Bees will build hives in all the same places. If your area has had any sign of Africanized honey bees, then call a professional. Do not try to exterminate them yourself.

Pay attention to any buzz you hear, and bee safe this summer!