There’s no doubt about it: you can work up a sweat doing yard work. But is it enough to actually keep you in shape? Take a look at these calorie counts* and see what you think.

  • Shoveling snow. The biggest yard work calorie burner is still a few months away. For a person who weights 155 pounds, an hour of shoveling snow burns 422 calories. That’s the same number of calories you’d burn in an hour of hiking.
  • Raking and bagging leaves. Let’s get back to fall yard work. Raking leaves burns 303 calories an hour; bagging them up is close behind at 281 calories an hour. And let’s not forget cleaning those leaves out of your gutters: 352 calories an hour!
  • Mowing your lawn. While you may only rake your lawn a few times a season, you’re mowing your lawn week after week. So how many calories in that lawn care workout? 387 burned each hour, if you’re pushing a power mower. Not bad! (Operating a riding lawn mower still burns a few calories, but come on, you’re riding).
  • Weeding. Weeding burns 317 calories an hour. And let’s not forget the reward when you’re done…
  • Croquet. A mere 176 calories an hour, but such a pleasure.

Altogether, the lawn care workout alone may not be be enough to keep you fit, but it’s certainly a good supplement to a larger workout plan. So mow on! And come winter, keep the snow blower in the garage and get out the shovel. Just think of your biceps…

*All calorie counts via NutriStrategy.