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Bermuda Grass: Top 5 Reasons It's Not Just a Weed

by Natalie Morris, All About Lawns Columnist

If you live in a cold-weather, high-precipitation state like Wisconsin, the idea of growing a Bermuda grass lawn may sound pretty funny. Isn't Bermuda grass a weed? But when you live in a place where lush, soft Kentucky bluegrass grows right before your eyes during the summer, you can afford to laugh at Bermuda.

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Residents of hot summer areas like Phoenix, Palm Springs, and the Southern coast do not have that luxury. Options for summer lawns are scarce and Bermuda tends to be the go-to sod and seed for many homeowners.

So, why not focus on the positive? Bermuda offers many more benefits than your typical, run-of-the mill weed. Check out the top five reasons Bermuda grass gets a bad rap when too many people put it in the "weed" category:

  1. Bermuda grass is tough. Any lawn that thrives (thrives!) in temperatures over 100 degrees deserves to be called tough.
  2. Bermuda grass can handle drought. Although Bermuda is not a low-water grass, it can tolerate and recuperate from extended periods of drought very well.
  3. Bermuda grass tolerates high levels of foot traffic. Ideal for a kid-friendly backyard and sports fields.
  4. Bermuda grass recovers well from damage. Easily rejuvenated after rough treatment from kids' play and athletic events.
  5. Bermuda grass can adapt to a variety of soil conditions. Whether your yard's soil is rocky, loamy, or full of clay, Bermuda can make it work.

Bermuda grass may simply need some new PR spin. In fact, when you really think about it, Bermuda's not a weed at all. Weeds are plants that you don't like, and what's not to like about a tough, adaptable, drought-tolerant lawn in the heat of summer.

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