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A Garden Tool for Every Job

by Alex Russel, All About Lawns Columnist

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Gardening Tools

What's in a Name?

The right lawn and garden tools can help make gardening the enjoyable hobby it was meant to be. You don't need to settle for a broken down or useless tool when there are so many functional and handy garden tools available to fit any budget.

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Here's a list of five helpful lawn and garden tools that you really can't afford to be without.
  1. Lawn Edger. Draw the line with a lawn edger. Without this tool, the line between your lawn and sidewalk or driveway will look raggedy. You don't need a fancy or high-tech lawn edger. In the case of this garden tool, low tech is fine. You'll want a lawn edger that's easy to use and gives you a sharp, clean line between the lawn and pathway.
  2. Garden Cart. If your broken-down wheelbarrow is on its last wheels, or if you detest gardening just because of the heavy lifting, a garden cart could give you a new lease on life. This convenient carry-all is big enough to transport all of your shovels and hand tools, several potted plants, or a bunch of lawn debris. Garden carts are much more stable than wheelbarrows. A good garden cart can handle uneven terrain, roots, and curbs without tipping.
  3. Garden Shears. Select a pair of garden shears that fit comfortably in your hand. Garden shears, sometimes called clippers, are used for pruning, shaping, and removing foliage or branches. You don't need to buy the most expensive shears, especially if you're new to gardening, but do be sure that the ones you choose can hold up to fairly thick foliage.
  4. Fertilizer Spreader. This is a must-have tool for anyone the least bit interested in having a green lawn. The good news is that there are plenty of effective fertilizer spreaders for under $50.00. Hand spreaders work well for most home applications of fertilizer, and some even have shoulder straps to make the job easier. Broadcast spreaders can be wheeled around the yard and are good for larger areas.
  5. Round Point Shovel. The round point shovel is perhaps the most versatile and widely used shovel. You can use it to dig, scoop, or shovel dirt from one point to another. These come in various sizes, with smaller sizes available for smaller gardeners (time to get those kids out there and working!). You can plant a tree and move landscaping materials from point A to point B with a good round point shovel.

The right lawn and garden tools may very well turn gardening and lawn maintenance from a dreaded chore into a hobby.

About the Author
Alex Russel is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn, NY. Since graduating from Syracuse University he has worked at many different media companies in fields as diverse as film, TV, advertising, and journalism. He holds a dual bachelor's degree in English and History.

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