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Bent Grass - Colonial

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

Description: Colonial Bent Grass is a fine-textured turf that is commonly found in Pacific Northwest & Northwestern areas of Canada. It often flourishes in areas with a high abundance of rainfall and moderately-cool weather. You will often times find this grass used for golf-course fairways in these regions.

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  • It is fairly drought tolerant
  • Requires less fertilization
  • Likes sunlight and is moderately tolerant to shade
  • Looks very attractive if properly maintained



  • Bent Grass tends to produce thatch thereby requiring frequent aerating and dethatching
  • Due to its shallow root system, it typically requires frequent watering
  • Has moderate durability
  • Susceptible to diseases and pests
Common Growing Region
Common Growing Region

Watering: Moderate watering is needed. For additional info on watering, see: Watering

Fertilizing: see: Fertilizing Tables

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