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Bermuda (Common & Hybrid)

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

Description: Bermuda is one of the most commonly used grasses in the southern U.S. and it's known for it tough properties and ability to withstand heat. It typically comes in the form of Common or Hybrid with Common being the more thicker in texture of the two.

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  • Excellent durability (high traffic surface)
  • High drought and heat tolerance
  • Tends to grow deep root systems
  • Grows well in most soils
  • Tends to grow quickly



  • Doesn't grow well in shade
  • Turns brown in winter (often requiring reseeding for year-round green lawn)
  • It is a "creeping" grass that often requires frequent trimming and edging to maintain boarders
  • Often develops thatch buildup
  • Can be fast growing requiring extra maintenance during summer growing season
Common Growing Region
Common Growing Region

Watering: Although it typically doesn't require a great deal of watering, conditions of high-heat and drought can often lead to more frequent watering needs. For additional info on watering, see: Watering

Fertilizing: see: Fertilizing Tables

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