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Fescue Grasses

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

Description: Fescue grasses typically come in four varieties: Chewing, Creeping, Hard, and Tall (the most common). Usually dark-green and medium-fine in texture, fescues are commonly found in northern U.S. states, Canada, and areas called "transitional zones" where it is too hot for Cool-Season grasses, and too cool for Warm-Season grasses.

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  • Usually stay green year-round
  • Excellent for play surfaces (durability)
  • Has a deep root system
  • Low maintenance
  • Tolerant to moderate shade, heat, and some degrees of drought



  • If not properly maintained, fescues can go dormant in the extreme cold winters and hot summers
  • May not be as attractive in appearance compared to some other cool-season grasses
Common Growing Region
Common Growing Region

Watering: Moderate amounts of water are needed during periods of droughts and high heat. For additional info on watering, see: Watering

Fertilizing: see: Fertilizing Tables

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