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Perennial Ryegrass

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

Description: Perennial Ryegrass is a fine-textured, tough grass that is deep green in color. It can grow well in various different soils and is often mixed with other grasses such as Kentucky Bluegrass to help provide increased durability and faster growth. Perennial Ryegrasses tend to do best in areas with mildly-cool climates and damp summer conditions in the coastal west and northwest regions of the U.S. and Canada.

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  • Germinates and grows quickly
  • Excellent durability
  • Good grass for seeding over Warm-Season grasses and mixing with Cool-Season grasses



  • Generally has a low tolerance to drought and cold
  • Moderate shade tolerance
  • Can "crowd-out" and delay growth of other grasses if seeded over them
Common Growing Region
Common Growing Region

Watering: Requires regular watering. For additional info on watering, see: Watering

Fertilizing: see: Fertilizing Tables

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