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Seashore Paspalum

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

Description: Native to Australia, Seashore Paspalum is often used in place of Bermuda along the coastal regions of the U.S.. Seashore Paspalum has a medium-fine texture and is dark green in appearance.

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  • Thrives in very salty soils
  • Grows and spreads quickly
  • Low maintenance
  • Very durable
  • Is tolerant to conditions of heat, drought, and moderate shade



  • Does not react well to cold weather and will typically brown in such conditions
  • Can appear brown during low-level mowings during the summer months
  • Often requires a reel mower to cut properly

Watering: Require moderate amounts of water. For additional info on watering, see: Watering

Fertilizing: see: Fertilizing Tables

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