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No Snow For You: Grass for Warm Winters

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

If you live in say, Iowa, your only shot at green grass year round is an indoor patch of lawn, or maybe Astroturf. But move on down to Florida and the green grass prognosis for January becomes positive as can be. For warm winter climates, choose the right type of grass and you're set. Here's a guide to just a few of the grasses that can do the trick.

If you live in a sunny state and want year-round green, you have to choose the right type of grass. Here are few of your options.
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St. Augustine

St. Augustine grass is a popular favorite in humid, coastal climates. It does well in the heat, and can handle both sun and shade. Floratam and Bitter Blue are popular varieties you may run into. Keep in mind that St. Augustine can't be planted from seed. You'll have to use a vegetative start (sod, plugs, etc.).

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia produces thick, beautiful turf, making it another popular grass in southern climates. It doesn't do well in shade and is prone to thatch, but it can stand up to a lot of wear-and-tear. Zoysia browns easily when the temperatures drop, and looks awfully ugly when it does, so don't be tempted if you're looking for perfect green even with slightly chilly winter weather.

Bahia Grass

Bahia is an inexpensive choice that does well in even poor soil. In general, Bahia grass produces a coarse turf, but some varieties, like Pensacola and Paraguay, have finer blades. Bahia survives with little maintenance, but tends to look scraggly unless it's well attended to.

The right type of grass makes all the difference when it comes to staying green all winter long. Consider the above grasses as you're making your warm-season grass choice, and you may find the grass that makes your dreams come true.

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Dawn West B.A. holds a B.A. in English from Harvard University and teaches writing at Oregon State University.

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