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A Sod Lawn May Be the Answer to Your Yard Problems

by Jeffrey Anderson, All About Lawns Columnist

If you have been fighting a losing battle with your grass the past several years, it may be time to throw in the towel. Perhaps you always have more weeds than grass, or you have a slope that erodes every time it rains. Installing a sod lawn can resolve these any many other yard issues.

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A Sod Lawn Can Give Your Yard a Fresh Start

Often, the best way to begin installing a sod lawn is to start over. Have your soil analyzed to determine the type of nutrients it may need. Your county extension office should offer soil testing, and may offer suggestions based on similar areas in the county.

If your soil has too much clay, perhaps some organic material should be added to it. Or, you may need to use a specific type of fertilizer with the soil in order to make it more suitable for healthy grass growth.

Depending on the size of your yard, an experienced landscaping or excavating contractor can effectively prepare the area for sod. Take advantage of their grading expertise to fill in any low spots that hold water, or remove any bothersome humps. Additions to the soil should be completed while grading, as well.

Considerations Before Installing a Sod Lawn

Your sod lawn should get a good start if:

  • The soil is moistened prior to the sod going down.
  • The sod has been cut within 24 hours prior to installation.
  • The sod has been grown on soil similar to soil in your yard.
  • Sod joints are staggered and kept tight.
  • Sod installed on steep slopes has stakes in place until the roots take hold.

Keep your new sod lawn watered, but not saturated, and within two or three months you should have a beautiful yard.

About the Author

Jeffrey Anderson has a Degree in English from V.M.I. and served as an officer in the Marine Corps. He worked in Residential and Commercial construction management for 25 years before retiring to write full time.

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