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Little Rock, AR Lawn Care Directory

Little Rock, AR is the capital of the state, and it sits nestled alongside the waters of the Arkansas River. Little Rock gets very hot and humid during the summer months, and the winters are cold without being absolutely frigid. The area enjoys around five inches of rainfall a month on average, so the climatic conditions are conducive to healthy lawn growth. One of the primary lawn care challenges in Little Rock is the lack of nutrients in the acidic clay soil, so proper fertilization is a must. If you are an AR homeowner who could use some professional lawn care assistance to help you maximize the potential of your property, we encourage you to make a selection from our list of preferred AR lawn care services.

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Common Grass Types in Little Rock, AR

  • Centipede grass
  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Ryegrass
  • Santa Ana Bermudagrass
  • St Augustinegrass
  • St. Augustine
  • Tall fescue
  • Zoysiagrass

Common Weeds in Little Rock, AR

  • Bahiagrass
  • Barnyardgrass
  • Bemudagrass
  • Bindweed
  • Brassica
  • Bur Clover
  • Chickweed
  • Common Purslane
  • Crabgrass
  • Dallisgrass
  • Devils Claw
  • Goosefoot
  • Goosegrass
  • Hog Potatoe
  • Horse Purslane
  • Horseweed
  • Junglerice
  • Lambsquarters
  • Little Mallow
  • Littleseed Canarygrass
  • London Rocket
  • Morningglory
  • Nutsedge
  • Pigweed
  • Russian Thistle
  • Sacred Datura
  • Sandbur
  • Shepherd Spurse
  • Silversheath Knotweed
  • Sprangletop
  • Spurge
  • Sweet Clover
  • Velvet Leaf
  • Watergrass
  • Wild Garlic
  • Wild Oat

Temperature and Rainfall by Month

Month Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
High (°F) 505457657484888480715851
Low 212428344148575548382822
Avg. 363844485867747065554437
Rainfall (in.)