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Reno, NV Lawn Care Directory

Reno, NV is known as "The Biggest Little City in the World," and it is a great place to live, work, and play, nestled in the shadows of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Reno has a seasonal climate, with cool winters and hot summers. The average high temperatures during the winter months reach the mid forties and above, and the hottest months of summer routinely reach ninety degrees, and that heat can lead to lawn dehydration, so you need to monitor your turf conditions closely. If you would like to contact a professional to analyze and maintain your northern NV lawn, take a look at our list of preferred NV lawn care services and allow the experts to bring out the best in your lawn.

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Common Grass Types in Reno, NV

  • Annual Bluegrass
  • Buffalo grass
  • Canada Bluegrass
  • Chewings Fescue
  • Creeping Bent Grass
  • Creeping Red Fescue
  • Hard Fescue
  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Red Fescue
  • Ryegrass
  • Sheeps Fescue
  • Wheatgrass

Common Weeds in Reno, NV

  • Canada Thistle
  • Clover
  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelion
  • Ground Ivy
  • Hoary Cress
  • Johnson Grass
  • Leafy Spurge
  • Musk Thistle
  • Perennial Pepperweed
  • Phragmites
  • Plumeless Thistle
  • Poison Hemlock
  • Puncture Vine
  • Purple Loosestrife
  • Salt Cedar
  • Saltcedar
  • Spotted Knapweeds
  • Water Hemlock

Temperature and Rainfall by Month

Month Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
High (°F) 343848647284888676664837
Low 101424354757645848372414
Avg. 222737506071767464523726
Rainfall (in.)

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