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A Natural Soil Restorative for Your Lawn

by Gabby Hyman, All About Lawns Columnist

Soils that have nutrients leached out year after year just get tuckered out. Overuse of pesticides also can wipe out beneficial organisms. There's a great, natural way of restoring your soil to help your lawn fight diseases, efficiently absorb fertilizers, and increase blade growth and vitality. These so-called natural ingredient "soil activators" rely on organic composts comprised of humates.

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Humic acid, the fundamental building block of humates are metal mineral salts of humic and fulvid acids. According to Texas A&M Associate Professor Dr. Robert E. Pettit, humic substances restore ecological balance in soils by providing sustenance for beneficial organisms like nematodes, yeasts, algae, and bacteria. Humates have been shown to stimulate root growth, the uptake of soil nutrients, and improves soil structure to enhance moisture retention in areas prone to dry or drought conditions. In sum, it's good stuff.

Humate and Lawn Care
University of Wisconsin soil scientist Dr. Wayne R. Kussow has found that the effects of humates on turfgrass can be three times more beneficial than peat moss. In addition to adding moisture-retention qualities, humate treatments can also help aerate the soil, improve drainage (fighting molds) and enhance nutrient uptake in the lawn. Moreover, it can help speed the decomposition of compost or lawn clippings.

You can buy soil activators containing humic acid online through natural lawn care stores, or by visiting lawn and garden shops with "green" or natural yard-care sections. Many blends contain up to 70 trace minerals that can help fight stress in grass and other plants. Do not confuse humate soil activators with Humate-P, a drug used to fight excessive bleeding in surgical patients.


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