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Getting Pushy: Reel Mowers Are Back In Vogue

by Gabby Hyman, All About Lawns Columnist

Despite what you think about push mowers, they are back in vogue with lawn care aficionados. You're probably recalling the push mowers of your childhood, which were difficult to shove around a lawn on a hot day. Given the contribution of gasoline-powered engines to global warming, it shouldn't be surprising that today's new, light versions of the rotary mower have become attractive alternatives. By the way, have you seen the cost of gasoline lately?

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First, some disturbing facts:

  • The EPA claims that approximately 54 million Americans mow lawns every weekend, using a total of 800 million gallons of gas a year
  • A single gas lawn mower pumps out on average eighty-seven pounds of CO2 (a greenhouse gas) each year
  • The Environmental Protection Agency EPA reports that gas mowers create 5 percent of the total air pollution in America
  • More gasoline (17 million gallons) is spilled into the environment each year than the total that was dumped into the sea by the Exxon Valdez.
  • A single gas mower produces the same amount of pollution an hour as fifty cars driving twenty miles.

Stunning, isn't it?

Green Mowing and Your Lawn

One thing to know about reel mowers is they start every time! For people into quality lawn care, a reel mower clips, rather than shreds, your grass. Moreover, they typically require little maintenance, beyond occasional lubrication and blade sharpening, which costs next to nothing compared to gasoline. There are no spark plugs to gap.

If you live on a lot that has more than a half acre of grass, it may take considerable time to keep it mowed. However, if you've been using a gas-powered mower that isn't self-propelled, you should find a rotary mower a breeze to operate.


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