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3 garden maintenance tips to streamline backyard chores

by Dawn West, All About Lawns Columnist

Even if you love your garden, garden chores may not be your favorite thing in the whole world. But the good news is, a few easy landscape design tricks and garden maintenance shortcuts can significantly reduce the time you spend working in your yard. And less time working in it means more time enjoying it. Here are three helpful tips:

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  1. Plants your herbs and vegetables close to the house. If your vegetables and herbs are near your kitchen, you'll save time every time you need to grab a handful of sage or basil for a recipe. Plus, you'll be able to keep an eye on what's ripening and what needs water or weeding just by walking out the door.
  2. Control weeds with mulch. Mulch is weed control gold. With a simple layer of mulch you can keep most weeds from ever sprouting in the first place--a much easier weed control strategy than tugging tons of stray shoots out on your hands and knees. Plus, mulch gives your planting beds a consistent, well-maintained look.
  3. Design with curves. Sharp angles in anything, from your lawn to your boxwoods, require meticulous grooming. (Don't believe me? Check out the angular hedge designs at Garden History Girl, and tell me those things don't take hours upon hours to maintain). But with curves at the edge of your planting beds instead of angles, mowing your lawn becomes a lot easier. Similarly, curves in your hedges are more forgiving between trims.

Taking care of your yard can be a joy, but nothing beats lounging in the garden. Use these tips, and you'll have more time each week for kicking back.


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